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Responsive OpenCart Theme

Hi, Thank you for buying our theme. If you have any question please contact me via contact form on themeforest profile. I usually give you answer in max 72 hours. Thanks,


Before you install Cleve, make sure you have the correct version of OpenCart installed.
We recommend installation on a clean, unmodified version of OpenCart.

How to install OpenCart? Check here

Cleve doesn't overwrite any core files but is a good way to backup your files before making any upgrades or changes.

VQMod Installation

Cleve use VQMod for few additional settings and modules like 3rd line of categories or customFooter. If you want to use this extensions you need to install VQMod before uploading vqmod folder.
VQMod is available here: http://code.google.com/p/vqmod/
Full list of extenstion for VQMod:
Add to wishlist and compare: Button add to wishlist and add to compare are showing hover hover on homepage.
Cart: Cart display only price on home page
Categories: 3rd line of categories.
Custom Footer: Custom Footer.
Product category: 3rd line in column

1. Upload theme files

In download package there are 4 folders:

and Changelog.html for future changes.


Go into Files to Upload Folder. You find there another folder with version of OpenCart. Find your version of OpenCart and open folder. Inside you should find 4 folders:

This folders tou need to upload to your server.
We recommend to use FileZilla. You just need to drag and drop files to your OpenCart root folder:

Probably you will be asked if you want to overwrite some of the files from your current installation. You need to overwrite all files.

If you Transmit or CyberDuck for Mac you need to know that these programs overwrite all folders, not files. So you need to synchronize. Best way is to use FileZilla

2. Theme activation.

Go to OpenCart admin panel and activate the theme: System › Settings › Edit Store settings › Store tab › Template dropdown

3. Images size

With cleve theme you set set you own images size from admin panel. You don't need to edit CSS files.

If you wan to change them go to OpenCart admin panel and set image size in: System › Settings › Edit Store settings › Image tab

For the best look we recommend this sizes:



Modules like featured products, latest: 220x220px

Modules in wider column: 60x60px

Modules like featured products, latest: 140x140px

Modules in wider column: 60x60px

For all modules images size please log into demo admin panel and check in: Extension › Modules


4. Cleve Theme Options

Cleve have 3 custom Modules: